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Providing solutions since 2012.

DIA Agency Inc.

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Providing solutions since 2012

Based in Ottawa, Canada, DIA Agency Inc. provides professional software development services to clients across North America and Europe.  We specialize in model-driven software frameworks and applications based on the Eclipse open-source modeling technology, with fifteen years of experience in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and related projects and the open standard Unified Modeling Language (UML).

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Ottawa, Ontario






Open Source Software

As committers on a variety of Eclipse framework and tools projects, we are uniquely positioned not only to provide deep experience in using these technologies but also to influence their evolution for our customers' benefit and the community's in general.

Custom Solutions

Not all code is or needs to be open-source.  We can help you to build out custom applications, back-end systems, whatever you need to get your job done.

Model-Driven Development

Over decades, the MDD paradigm has proven to be a solid foundation for software systems at all scales.  Whether you're looking for rigorous methods, flexible front-ends, adaptive APIs, or anything else, we have the technology and experience to make it real and to make it right.


The role of a trainer or consultant is to empower the customer, not to make himself indispensable.
— Bertrand Meyer


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